Irene Kepler – What You Need to Know About Human Trafficking

Irene Kepler is a social worker, professor, and human rights advocate. She has been working hard to put an end to issues of social inequality and human suffering around the world. She was the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Therapist/Advocate wat Carteret County, North Carolina from 2006 to 2007 providing counseling, crisis intervention, and legal advocacy for women and children.

Irene Kepler

Some of the issues Irene Kepler is concerned about is the issue of human trafficking that takes place in different countries around the world. Here are a couple of things you should know about human trafficking, trafficking in persons, or modern-day slavery.

Human Trafficking is Still Prevalent in the 21st Century
Though the legal institution of slavery in the world was abolished several years ago, it is still estimated that over 20 million children and adults around the world are victims of human trafficking or modern slavery. Human trafficking involves the exploitation of individuals for the purpose of commercial sex or compelled labor through the use of fraud, force, or coercion.

Who is a Victim of Human Trafficking?
Forced labor, sex trafficking, debt bondage, domestic servitude, forced child labor, and child sex trafficking are all examples of human trafficking. Human trafficking affects women, men, and transgender individuals, both adults, and children. Several cases of human trafficking were found to be present in the hospitality sector, agricultural sector, as well as domestic workplaces.

Irene Kepler has been working hard to bring an end to social inequalities and human trafficking for several years.


Irene Kepler – Human Rights, Why They Are Important

Irene Kepler is a social worker who has been working with HIV/AIDS infected patients in Tanzania through her non-profit organization Arusha since 2005. She founded the non-profit organization and developed a program bringing fresh fruit, vegetables, and soap to the slums and employing HIV/AIDS infected women to sell these items at discounted prices.

Irene Kepler

Irene Kepler is a feminist who has been actively working for equal rights for women. She is concerned that both men and women should be given equal rights to live with freedom, justice, dignity, and peace. These basic human rights should be available to every human being in the world without discrimination of any kind, such as language, religion, sex, race, color, etc. Human rights are part of international law that is contained in declarations and treaties that specify rights that every country is required to uphold.

Human rights are important because they lay down the minimum standards that are required for people to live with dignity. It gives people the right and freedom to choose how to express themselves and live among many other things. Human rights also guarantee life, equality, freedom, and security, and protect people from abuse. According to the United Nations, human rights means to, “Ensure that a human being will be able to fully develop and use human qualities such as intelligence, talent, and conscience and satisfy his or her spiritual and other needs.” Social justice advocates like Irene Kepler have been working tirelessly to educate women about various issues of inequality in society.


Irene Kepler – Issues Facing Modern Feminism

Irene Kepler is a feminist, and social rights advocate and has often been involved in social and political debates. Feminist movements have campaigned for human rights that seem to be absent when it concerns women in several places around the world. There are several issues women face in the world, here are a couple of issues modern feminists face.

Irene Kepler
Irene Kepler

Division of Domestic Labor
Irene Kepler can testify of this, she has worked hard to build a career as a teacher and social worker and knows the constraints many women face in the marketplace. For many, the division of domestic labor is also called “the final feminist frontier”. While many women have made it out of the kitchen and into the workplace, eight out of ten say that their male partners do much less housework than them. Even in today’s workplace, many women are paid much less than their male counterparts, and this does make them more likely to stop working and enter a world of depression and drudgery.

Media plays an important role in almost every aspect of our lives. But when it comes to portraying unhelpful stereotypes that tend to show women taking on a less than important role compared to women, it definitely does not help. Various organizations around the world such as Media Smart, UK Feminista, Endangered Bodies, and AnyBody have been working hard to change how the woman’s body is portrayed in media.
Feminist campaigns have worked hard to establish women’s rights in several countries around the world. Irene Kepler is a feminist who focuses on a variety of different issues such as equal pay, voting, education, etc.


Irene Kepler – The History of Social Work

Irene Kepler of Fort Meyers, Florida has a passion for social work and is currently studying for her doctorate at Capella University. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work from Central Michigan University.

Irene Kepler

Irene Kepler has several years’ experience working as a social worker and worked as a school social worker for the Roseville Community Schools for four years from 2002 to 2006. The modern-day profession of social work has developed from three different strands; the first being the individual casework pioneered by the Charity Organization Society during the mid-19th century, the second included several forms of poverty relief which has its roots in the English Poor Laws of the 17th century, and the third from social action with emphasis placed on political action working through groups and the community to improve social conditions. Irene Kepler worked as a school social worker for the Roseville Community Schools for four years from 2002 to 2006.

However, professional social work in England only started around the 19th century mainly because of the social and economic upheaval caused by the industrial revolution. The main problem that led to the birth of professional social work was the struggle that society was facing in dealing with urban-based poverty. Since dealing with poverty was the main focus of social work at that time, it became associated with the idea of charity work.

Irene Kepler has played an active role in battling against social inequality and developed a program for the sexual, emotional, and nutritional needs of children in an orphanage in Nugulelo, Tanzania.


Irene Kepler Interacts with All Walks of Life

Irene Kepler has amassed an amazing amount of work since her first hands-on work as a Shelter Supervisor in Mt. Pleasant.  A passionate and compassionate devotee of social work, Kepler has been involved tirelessly in the improvement of society’s well-being with both communities and individuals.  Social work emphasizes work with individuals in their environment, with an emphasis on social justice.Kepler considers both the internal struggles and the environments of her clients.  Relationships, family history, work, community and the programs and policies which her clients interact with, are all part of the overall picture painted by and impacted by the work of the social worker.  Individuals and couples, families and schools, neighborhoods and communities are all part of the milieu which social workers like Kepler consider and interact with in the process of doing their jobs.

Irene Kepler
Irene Kepler

Social Workers use academic instruction and proven assessment tools to find problems as well as skills and capacities, the strengths of the clients who need the help of Irene Kepler, and she helps clients find ways to use their strengths to deal with their problems.  Whether working in hospitals, nonprofits, mental health centers, schools, community organizations or government offices, social workers like Kepler are working with individual persons, families and small groups to alleviate social ills like poverty, abuse, addiction, and mental illness.  Counseling, connections with services and education to empower clients are an everyday part of Kepler’s work, which she feels so deeply about.  Kepler has also immersed herself into the political and governmental side of social endeavor.

Coordinator of Recruitment and Retention Irene Kepler

Professional social workers in the United States constitute the largest group of providers of mental health services, with over 200,000 clinically trained social workers in the country. Federal law in the US and the National Institutes of Health specify social work as one of five mental health professions. Irene Kepler is one of these licensed clinical social workers, and has amassed multiple certifications in other aspects of her profession.

Irene Kepler

Irene Kepler is a licensed clinical social worker, an LCSW, who currently works as a Coordinator of Recruitment and Retention in Fort Myers, Florida. LCSW certified social workers are mental health professionals who provide counseling, therapy and minister to related mental conditions. Kepler may help place clients in jobs, homes and ensure the provision of basic needs, thus improving the quality of life for an individual with mental health issues. Common employers of clinical social workers are hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation centers, and there are LCSW certified individuals who maintain private practices. Through group and individual therapy sessions, the LCSW learns how best to help the client, helping individuals recognize detrimental behavior patterns and new ways to react to the provocations which initiate that behavior.

Irene Kepler previously worked in her native Mt. Pleasant, Michigan as a Crisis Intervention social worker and Women’s Shelter Supervisor for Women’s Aid Services. Her Licensed Clinical Social Work status enabled her to render valuable aid to the county seat of Isabella County, located inside the Isabella Indian Reservation. 37% of the population is below the poverty line.,_Michigan

Academician Irene Kepler Studies, Teaches Abnormal Psychology

With the onset of the 20th century and the establishment of the social work of modern practitioners like Irene Kepler as a legitimate profession, study was commenced into the causes of social dysfunction.  Quaker chocolate manufacturer Joseph Rowntree founded the Joseph Rowntree Foundation for social research, taking a scientific approach to find the basic causes of social problems, while the Charity Organization Society of London and the Settlement House Movement initiated by Jane Addams in Chicago engaged in open debate; the scientific methods of COS and the Settlement House approach of immersion into social issues were passionately compared and argued by each side.

Irene Kepler

Increasingly, the underpinnings of the welfare state of the future were born.  In the early 1900’s, the British liberal movement introduced reforms including health insurance, unemployment insurance and pensions for elderly workers, forming the basis for proactive governmental intervention to alleviate poverty, a circumstance which has been broadly expanded in the social work universe of Irene Kepler today.  William Beveridge, widely credited with forming the precepts of the welfare state, issued a 1942 report which named five evils of society: squalor, ignorance, want, idleness and disease.  His proposals for reform and a system which would relieve these evils were exceedingly popular with the public, leading to the creation of the National Health Service after the war.

The modern approach to social work utilizes critical academic research and study alongside an all-inclusive understanding of social problems when engaging in intervention.  The poverty which Irene Kepler battles today is accepted as arising from social and economic forces, not from personal flaws in the individual.

Charity Organization Society Forms Historical Social Work of Irene Kepler

Irene Kepler of Roseville, Michigan and Fort Myers, Florida in the United States has a passionate dedication to her field of social work. Social activism originated from several different sources in England. The Charity Organization Society pioneered the notion of individual casework in the 19th century, considered to be one important basis of modern day social work. Another birthplace of modern social work was the initiation of poverty relief for paupers through the English Poor Laws of the 17th century, the beginnings of social administration by the state. The settlement house movement originated the idea of social action, community-wide efforts to relieve poverty through work which would raise social conditions to a higher level of comfort and hope. Modern in concept, social work arose from these separate efforts, which converged into a recognizable profession and effort as a result of the overwhelming urban poverty which had arisen from the Industrial Revolution in the English 19th century.

Irene Kepler

The central premise of early social work was relieving the population of poverty, and the life’s work of Irene Kepler was early on linked with the creation of programs and institutions, both private and governmentally funded, to provide comfort and succor to the suffering of ever-growing masses. It was through this first goal that social work became linked with charity work in popular perception. The idea of the deserving poor rose from fears that indigent impoverished individuals were inconsistent with the goals of the new Elizabethan state of the medieval ages, and the middle and upper classes became increasingly concerned with solutions to social poverty.

Irene Kepler – Sexual Assault Prevention on Campus

Irene Kepler is a professor of sociology and social work. A recent sociology study found that due to an increase in college enrollment, at least 1 in 4 female students experience some form of sexual assault. While more media attention concerning assault prevention has recently gained traction, college women are only now being classified as a distinctive group of victims. College women ages 18 to 24 are at a higher risk of sexual assault than women not enrolled in college.

Irene Kepler

Rape and sexual assault statistics are likely to be inaccurate because of how often these crimes go underreported. Studies indicate that rape victimization is an increasingly serious issue in the United States. A significant focal point of the study is to inform students of preventative services available on campus and to determine which services, if any, have been beneficial to their higher education experience.

A problem with this however, is that stereotypical rape myths perpetuate an inaccurate understanding of rape and can inappropriately influence legal definitions of sexual assault. Colleges and universities have often emphasized strategies aimed at rape avoidance.

Unfortunately, sometimes these strategies merely reinforce rape myths, focusing on women’s style of dress and self-defense techniques. Instead, professionals like Kepler recommend that newer methods, such as an emphasis on criminal accountability, technology, by-stander interventions, become advocated by prevention programs.

Professors like Irene Kepler hope that increased focus on social media’s role in rape prevention will empower college women to use Facebook or other phone apps to encourage awareness and identify emergency options when needed.